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Website mistakes to avoid!

Though you may have a great site but it takes some time to load, its value goes down considerably. This is because a slow site puts off prospective customers. As a rule of thumb, the main page of your site should load within 8 seconds or less. To keep your site from becoming too heavy:

  • Avoid using slow loading graphics
  • Avoid using too many animated graphics
  • Limit the number of banners on a single page
  • Use Java and Flash sparingly
  • If you want to have a flash intro, provide visitors with an alternative skip into link.

Another important consideration is to design your site to rank high in search engine results. According to industry analysts if your site is not within the top 30 search results, potential customers will not be able to find you. To optimize your search engine results include:

META tags enable search engines to determine what key words are relevant to a specific site.

An Image Alt tag comes after your graphic address in your HTML code.

A Title tag is what a users sees when your site is listed after a search query.

A very important part of your search optimization is your text, which should be easily readable and contain your site's keywords.

Some other mistakes to avoid include:

  • Broken links and graphics
  • Different backgrounds on each page
  • Large fonts
  • Large scrolling text across a page
  • Slow loading graphics
  • Multiple banners and buttons
  • No contact information
  • No Meta tags
  • Over use of Java
  • Poor browser compatibility
  • Poor content
  • Poor navigation
  • Poor overall appearance
  • Poor use of frames and tables
  • Pop up messages
  • Too many graphics or advertising
  • Too much advertising

It is important that you take some time to research, design and plan your web site. Your success depends upon how well you use the various features in your web site.

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